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PTSD Action is a leading independent organisation dedicated to assisting sufferers of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder. As a legally registered company by guarantee we are a not-for-profit organisation founded during the summer of 2014. Our remarkable progress since our incorporation has enabled us to donate substantial funding that now extends to the hundreds of thousands of pounds.

The very small team of people here at PTSD Action have also played a pro-active role within the public domain by ensuring that in addition to raising vital funds we can also provide essential information, advice and direct referrals for treatment via our mobile displays that travel around the country.

Our on-going close relationship with the registered charity PTSD Resolution allows us to regularly provide them with funding for former service veterans suffering with PTSD and to keep an accurate record of their highly impressive success rates with the treatment they provide. In recent times we have also assisted non-military [civilians] with independent treatment, paid for and administered by us and undertaken by commissioned therapists.

We get enquiries regarding the subject of PTSD from all over the world and have helped to advise people in such far-away places as Russia, Australia the United States and Canada, although we emphasise that treatment programmes undertaken by PTSD Resolution or PTSD Action commissioned therapists are within the UK only.

It has been far from easy for us as a small independent organisation entirely reliant upon self-funding and our own strategic management system, but we have defied the odds – and the critics – to become respected for our transparency and determination within an extraordinary vocation. Unfortunately we are sometimes left to pick up the pieces of the shattered lives of those who have either slipped through the net or have been discarded by certain authorities whose principal understandings of PTSD leave a lot to be desired.

If we have to be outspoken then so be it, not once has any official body or trust ever bothered to support us, offer us guidance, support or any form of encouragement - Sometimes it is so easy to prescribe tablets or condemn sufferers of PTSD to literally months of trauma by placing them upon waiting lists – or by quite simply discarding them altogether, yes, this does happen – all too often.

PTSD Action stands for rapid and positive action, fast-track referrals often culminating in the progress of treatment therapy within days, sometimes hours. Nobody should ever be afraid to ask us for help, many people have already done so, and, consequently, they have in many instances - had their lives literally turned around.

Finally, our total respect and admiration goes out to the great British public who continue on a weekly basis to support us, without them putting their hands in their pockets for loose change the people we actively help week in and week out would have nowhere or nobody to turn towards.

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