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PTSD Action is a leading independent voice for those who suffer from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder. Legally incorporated by guarantee as a not-for-profit organisation without shareholders in the summer of 2014, we continue to make huge positive strides forward and are very proud of our achievements to date.

We actively function every single day of the year by providing regular and substantial funding for the treatment of PTSD, in addition to technical and welfare support as well as operating a nationwide telephone helpline - accessible to everyone from 09.00 – 21.00 hours, seven days a week.

Our outreach facilitation enables to engage with the general public in a variety of retail locations throughout the UK. We host small exhibition stands to raise awareness, offer direct and fast-track referrals to sufferers and of course raise much needed funding to pay for that very treatment. Our working practices are strictly licensed and we adhere to a professional code of conduct as defined within our articles of association.

The strong vocational associations we have established have also significantly helped to provide much needed treatment for a large number of former armed service veterans via the PTSD Resolution charity network, in turn we have become the principal supplier of funding to that particular charity, whose own statistics boast a post-treatment sub-clinical success rate of around 80%, using the extremely effective Human Givens formula, one that we fully endorse.

Our ongoing success hasn’t been an easy ride, we are totally reliant upon self-funding and our own management strategies, with transparency being of paramount importance. One of our new initiatives outlined upon this website will allow readers to view a ‘CASE HISTORIES’ page, every month, using a drop down menu, you will be able to read summaries of individual cases and how they are managed.

It is difficult to estimate the actual magnitude of PTSD here in the UK. Official statistics from the MoD cannot be corroborated – and the true numbers of those who have not been diagnosed are impossible to calculate. It is becoming more apparent as time goes on that manifestation periods are now starting to appear to armed forces veterans who served in Afghanistan. Aside from that we still regularly come across veterans who are suffering due to their experiences from as far back as the 1970’s, due to trauma suffered in Northern Ireland and later from conflicts in the Falklands, Bosnia, Iraq and other parts of the world.

A major concern that we are now facing appears to be the rise in civilian cases of PTSD, ordinary men and women who have either been denied treatment or simply cannot obtain it for one reason or another. It is not our place to criticise the lack of duty of care to these people, however, the whole subject of mental health in general, in our opinion, has never been properly and adequately addressed by successive governments – and we are not afraid or ashamed of making that statement.

Remaining positive and ploughing along as best we can to offer hope, rapid referrals for treatment and providing the means and support to as many people as we can drive forward our objectives. The achievements are on-going, but most importantly it is not about us, it is about the sufferers of PTSD and the roles that we can play in turning around – and on occasions – saving lives.

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